Computer/External Hard Drive Help?

So I have an external hard drive and up until this afternoon, it was working like it should.

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sdfghjdmk kill it

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Anybody else have a personal I could follow?






I need more excitement on my dashboard over on my personal!

Let me know <3 

yes i do. right here :3

im already following youuuuuuu yay but if anyone has a personal as well mines yas i spam supernatural and ross lynch :) yay

mine is

I was offered a subdomain name by a wonderful person! but it’s still a TUMBLR, so you guys can follow. :3 I post a buttload of one direction stuff so0o0o… be warned. c: :D

Dunno how interesting any of you would find my personal but here it is anyway

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my dumb cat is outside tormenting a crawfish

uze gunna get pinchd

PS3 exclusive reccomendations?

So about two weeks ago, my cousin and I swapped systems because there were some xbox exclusives she wanted to play.  This PS3 has been sitting here under my desk the whole time so I figure I might as well hook it up this weekend and start something before she takes it back.. just, dunno what..

So yep.  Thought I’d ask simblr since most of you play more than just Sims.  I need something just for the PS3 and preferably something that isn’t brand new and expensive.

I’m feeling snippy today.