Casually drawing Mako. 3rd grader notices. Classroom shipping war initiated.

The only thing I want to do in life is play zoo tycoon.  I hope to the gods it finishes torrenting before I have to leave for work.  So I can play it AT work.  Because being a substitute teacher is boring as all hell.

Wonder if I can torrent at the school. 

If it doesn’t finish (it doesn’t look like it will.. keeps jumping back and forth between 1 hour and 4..) then expect something Sims-related later.

Well since it’s not working on your comp or your dad’s it may be your hard drive. You could have gotten a virus? You could try having your boyfriend turn your external hard drive into an internal one.
Or you may have to format it? But you would lose all data :(

Meh I’ll just try to hold out until the weekend.  I can redo my lost school assignments and anything I was painting..  the idea of losing my photos are breaking my heart though.  OTL  Up until a few days ago, I didn’t even have much of anything on my external.. my laptop bugged out at me a day or two ago though so I moved everything as a precaution and deleted most of it from my laptop because I was running low on space.  I feel like some higher power is laughing at me.

Anyway, I appreciate your help.  <3  You are so kind.  ;u;

Hm that’s really weird. It could be that you are using a wire that was meant for your tablet. Have you tried searching for other wires around your house that may fit?

This actually isn’t a wire specifically for my tablet.  It was a replacement wire that I had to buy a while back thanks to my cat.  Not long after buying this wire, the wire that came with the hd also fell prey to my cat.  Noticed this one fit into the hd too and I’ve just been using it for both ever since.  I did find another wire that fit but it still does the same thing.

You should uninstall it. Unplug your hd after it’s done, plug it back in and it will reinstall itself. I’ve had to do it before, so that should work.

Just did that and it didn’t work.  ):

I actually did notice that there is something showing up under Disk Management though that wasn’t there while the hd was unplugged.  It just says “Unknown” and “Unallocated”.  If I click on Disk Management, a box pops up telling me to Initialize Disk in either MBR or GPT style.  No matter which style I chose, after a moment I’ll get an error box saying “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

I have no idea what that means but googling it just gives me mostly the same things I’ve already read and tried.

Did you look under Device manager then disk drives?

Yes it’s listed there too but I’m not sure what I should do.  The only things I seem to be able to do with it is Uninstall, Disable, or Update Driver Software.  I tried the “Update Driver Software” option earlier and it said it was already update. 

sdfghjdmk kill it

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I’ll stop being dead on tuesday because that’s when I finish school

mhm yep

sorry ;;

Anybody else have a personal I could follow?






I need more excitement on my dashboard over on my personal!

Let me know <3 

yes i do. right here :3

im already following youuuuuuu yay but if anyone has a personal as well mines yas i spam supernatural and ross lynch :) yay

mine is

I was offered a subdomain name by a wonderful person! but it’s still a TUMBLR, so you guys can follow. :3 I post a buttload of one direction stuff so0o0o… be warned. c: :D

Dunno how interesting any of you would find my personal but here it is anyway

Someone make me a Joe Gilgun sim.