Casually drawing Mako. 3rd grader notices. Classroom shipping war initiated.

The only thing I want to do in life is play zoo tycoon.  I hope to the gods it finishes torrenting before I have to leave for work.  So I can play it AT work.  Because being a substitute teacher is boring as all hell.

Wonder if I can torrent at the school. 

If it doesn’t finish (it doesn’t look like it will.. keeps jumping back and forth between 1 hour and 4..) then expect something Sims-related later.

sdfghjdmk kill it

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I’ll stop being dead on tuesday because that’s when I finish school

mhm yep

sorry ;;

Sorry for mostly just reblogging lately, been super busy~

I’d do one of those “ask my sims” things but I don’t think my posts are consistent enough for anyone to care.  OTL

I wish my gifs actually moved on the dashboard bleeeeh


I’ve had this empty lot open for like 2 days

how does i floor plan